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Credits TCG Card Post

Had to move my actual Card Post & Logs: HERE

This post will be used for trading! c:


Colors TCG Card Post :3

My Card Post is located HERE and you can offer me trades on this post!

Trade Terms:
current decks  → Decks I'm currently collecting. Not for trade.
high priority future decks → These are future decks I'm interested in most at the moment. Not for trade.
low priority future decks → These are future decks that just aren't as high up there on my list. Not for trade unless I offer.
signatures → Will be more than happy to trade if I have any copies of them!
trading decks → Cards that are up for trade. Preferably for cards in my current and future decks but if you don't have any, link me your trade pile and I'll take a look!
holding → Cards being held for someone. I don't mind holding as long as you're active.
pending → Trades in-progress or cards pending use in games.